·  How long after service is received is the first attempt made? 

Routine service is attempted within 72 hours of receiving your documents. 

RUSH service is attempted within the first 24 hours after we receive your documents. 

·  What happens when a person is avoiding service? 

You have a choice of requesting a stakeout of the subject's home or business, or both. The alternative is to petition the court for an "Order for Alternative Service" which could include posting your documents on the subject's door and/or mailing the documents to the subject's last known address. 

·  What happens when a defendant refuses to take the documents from the process server? 

In California a server may leave the papers as long as the server is able to identify the subject, has identified him or herself as an Officer of the Court/Process Server, and has informed the subject that he or she has been served. 

·  Do your process servers disguise themselves in order to serve process?  I have seen that in movies.

No. In California, Process Servers are Certified (licensed and registered) by the County that the serve papers in and are required to perform their duties using good character. If a Process Server misrepresents him or herself in order to serve process, that service could be thrown out and the process server could have their Certification suspended or even revoked. Rush Services does not permit our process servers to place themselves into potentially fraudulent situations.